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Catering facilities in schools, colleges and universities are much more than a place to eat, they’re a social hub that allows students to alleviate stress and congregate with friends. More importantly, these facilities are a source of essential nutrition required for the students to remain energetic and focused throughout the day.

Our team understand the importance of having your education catering facilities designed to ensure students feel comfortable and relaxed and where great food can be efficiently produced for large numbers of students whilst adhering to strict serving times.

With experts in design, our team of engineers and equipment that aligns with the latest Education Authority Specification, we?re able to transform your kitchen space into an environment that accommodates your students whilst simultaneously conforms to the latest regulations.

Designs that improve the congestion and reduce queues.

Displays that showcase & maintain food optimally.

Strategic layouts that encourage healthy selections.

Equipment that conforms to EA standards.

Compliant with the latest kitchen regulations.

Gas safe & f-gas certified engineers available.

Education Solutions

Specialist Catering & Laundry Equipment for Education


Specialist laundry equipment for Student Accommodations, Schools and Trusts.


Food Prep & Cooking

Food preparation & cooking equipment orientated around efficiency, ergonomics and consistency.


Washing Up

We’re equipped to provide a range of washing up solutions tailored to your kitchen’s exact needs.


Bespoke Fabrication

Offering bespoke fabrication from aesthetic counters and food displays to durable benches & sinks.


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