Professional food mixer for preparing dough (bread, cake…), egg whites (soufflés, meringue…), sauces (mayonnaise…) and minced meat mixtures.

Powerful three-phase motor controlled by highly reliable electronic speed variator technology, which enables the mixers to be connected to a single-phase electrical mains supply.


C models, equipped with attachment drive for accessories.
I models with stainless steel column.

0-30 minute electronic timer and continuous operation option.
Acoustic alarm at end of cycle.
Electronic speed control.
Equipped with a safety guard.
Lever operated bowl lift.
Double micro switch for bowl position and safety guard.
Safeties off indicator.
Reinforced waterproofing system.
Stainless steel legs.
Strong and resistant bowl.
Easy to maintain and repair.

Default equipment
Stainless steel bowl.
Spiral hook for heavy dough.
Beater spatula for soft dough.
Balloon whisk.

Bowl capacity: 20 l
Capacity in flour (60% water): 6 Kg
Timer (min-max): 0 ‘ – 30 ‘

External dimensions (WxDxH)
Width: 520 mm
Depth: 733 mm
Height: 1152 mm

Optional equipment
Attachment drive for accessories.
Option of stainless steel column.
10-litre/10qt. reduction equipment (bowl + tools).
Bowl transport trolley.
Base kit with wheels for ease of moving and storing the mixer.