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Reactive Breakdown Service

Our team of engineers attend over 10,000 service calls per year and provide breakdown cover to ensure that your catering equipment is continuously working at its maximum capacity. We offer our customers great value, unrivalled service and trusted advice by being flexible and maintaining integrity within our operations.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

The demand placed on catering equipment causes wear and tear, inefficiencies and faults overtime so it’s important to look after it to minimise its operating costs and ensure its operating at its maximum capacity.

By scheduling annual planned preventative maintenance through CE-TECH, early stage faults can be identified before they inevitably lead to increased running costs or even breakdowns. Our engineers will make adjustments and repairs where needed and ensure your are fully compliant with the latest regulatory standards.

Spare Parts

With 25 years experience and through working alongside thousands of clients, our team has been able to identify the most commonly required spare parts and assemble a stock of over 1000+ spare parts in our distribution centre and vans.

This has not only attributed to our unrivalled first time fix rates, but has also reduced the time taken for repair to ensure that we minimise the downtime of our clients’ equipment.

Our Catering Engineers

We employ our own team of nationwide engineers and are constantly investing in their training, development and industry knowledge. Our engineers are GAS Safe registered, F-Gas certified, accredited Rational service agents and regularly attend major manufacturers’ training courses.

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Reactive Breakdown Service

We understand how crucial minimising machine downtime is for your operations. With a diverse team of gas safe laundry engineers conforming to the highest standards, you can have confidence that once you call, our team will go above and beyond to get you back up and running again.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Commercial laundry equipment is often the victim of a harsh and demanding life. Eventually, the constant use and demanding workloads will lead to wearing down components, so it’s important to look after your equipment.

Planned preventative maintenance allows our qualified laundry engineers identify problems that could cause inefficiencies or breakdowns if left unattended.

Spare Parts

With years of experience servicing laundry equipment, we have assembled a stock of 1000+ spare parts in our distribution centre and vans to guarantee exceptional first fix rates.

Our extensive relationships with major manufacturers ensure that we have access to spare parts for non-standard, old and bespoke equipment.

Our Laundry Engineers

We are constantly investing in our team’s training and industry awareness to ensure that we are constantly providing the most effective solutions whilst adhering to the latest regulations.

Our service team are available throughout the year across Northern Ireland. With our team of engineers and technicians who are GAS safe registered, Primus trained and who comply to the highest standards of PPE, you can be confident that CE-TECH are equipped to handle any of your laundry challenges.

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